Art direction / Graphic Design / Web & interactive Design

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I'm a passionate Art director based in Milan.

Through digital design I found a way to increase and keep together things I love most: design, music - I play the drums -, photography, art. Although all my passions, I've been focused on art direction for 6 years, during which I've dealt with websites, apps, multimedia interfaces, logo design.

I am reliable, creative and detailed oriented, and able to create graphic solutions for any communicational need. I usually take a project from the initial concept stage, working together with all the other functional individuals, clients and partners. At the same time, I'm totally able to take care of all steps of a project: analysis, interaction design and information architecture, graphic design, development.

My leading objective is to provide creative solutions, with a refine, clean and smart taste, that fit company's strategies and, at the same time, users' needs.

AGENCY EXPERIENCE: Webbdone/Performachine - Aldo Segat Studio - Acon - Kora Digital agency - Sevenlike - Bitmama - Istituto Professionale Rosa Luxemburg - Euronics Italia - FullSIX Italia - Il Sole 24 Ore - Now Available

BRAND EXPERIENCE: Alfaparf - Hotpoint ariston- Indesit - Shiseido - Telecom - Campari - Mercedes-Benz - Lifegate - Edison - Ubi Banca - Neutro Roberts - Vodafone - Honda - Condè Nast - Il Sole24ore - Exilim - Euronics - Lottomatica - Findomestic - BancaITB - Waltham - Officine panerai



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Art-Direction, Design, Development


Art-Direction, Design


Art-Direction - Dedign
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Art-Direction - Design


Concept, Art-Direction, Design


Art-Direction, Design, Development

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Art-Direction, Design, Development


Art-Direction, Design


Art-Direction, Design, Development


Art-Direction, Design


Art-Direction, Design, Development